Welcome to the Hari Krishna public School, a school that provides primary and secondary education with a focus on learning and promoting the language. Many additional teaching and learning tools are available to our students.

We have the opportunity to learn the happiness of being surrounded by nature, with a lot of space for a lot of movement - a suitable place to be big and independent, to find friends and to learn, faithfully according to our mission statement "LIVE, LEARN, LAUGHS, JOIN SCHOOL!

Together with all colleagues, co-operation partners and, of course, the girls and boys, it has always been the goal to consolidate and expand the range of offers for our children and to allow individual learning beyond the classroom.

Learning is, of course, our number one priority, but there are now numerous festivals and celebrations, all of which are always looking forward to again. Through music, creative building, sports in all varieties and many more are offered in the whole day range also numerous promotion and learning offers.

We would be d elighted to receive an entry in our guestbook. We are also open for tips on our homepage.