The respected principal of Hari Krishna Public School is Mrs. Anuradha Kaushik, who has been providing her leadership to the school since its start in 2003. She has tried her best to take the school to new heights and achievements both creatively and structurally. Under her guidance, many teachers have been making the future of the newer generation brighter and better.

Few words from the principal herself-

“We firmly believe that the teacher is the most pivot of the educational process and no matter what the policies and programs of the school are, it is the teacher who has to execute them and see them through in the final analysis. One of the special features of Hari Krishna Public School has been the close bonding between the teachers and taught, very much like the Indian tradition of "GURU" and "SHISHYA."

We have built our school step by step and brick by brick. We are conscious that we have to accomplish the divine mission of visionaries like Swami Dayanand, who lit the beacon of education when our country was lurching in the darkness of illiteracy, superstition, and decadence and this gives us the confidence to move ahead despite hurdles and stumbling blocks.”

“The fresh dawn brings with it new opportunities to be viewed and new achievements to be scaled”